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Scope of Hindi Blogging in 2022

scope of hindi blogging
Posted by Sonnet Gomes

According to Babbel, 342 million people on earth speak Hindi. Thus, it’s not rocket science to realize the scope of Hindi blogging in the future. Moreover, there is an enormous opportunity to earn while blogging in Hindi.

Whenever we think of blogging, English is always on top of our minds; if we can think of making a living while blogging on the 3rd most widely spoken language, why not on the tongue that ranks 4th.

Scope of Hindi Blogging

When you have a bigger audience, the chances of success with blogging get higher. The same goes for Hindi blogging. Not everyone among the 342 million Hindi-speaking people speaks the language only.

Most of the educated and non-resident Indians speak English also. However, they always love to read something in their dialect due to extreme patriotism. All you have to do is to pick the best blogging niche in india.

scope of hindi blogging

A well-written piece in Hindi will make almost any Indian feel homely. Additionally, you must be feeling excited to read about your people and motherland in the language of your own.

Finding a low competition blog niche is easier in Hindi as the audience is massive and diverse. If you live in India, it’s not impossible to find people from almost every sector in your personal and professional circle.

The diversity is much broader in case you are living out of India. From small-scale business people to college professors: you will find everyone in any Friday night hangout.

Now, when you start writing for such a vast and diversified audience, finding the niche is easy as you can simply write on anything. Additionally, there will be no shortage of readers.

How to write WordPress blog in Hindi

Currently, WordPress does not have any default system so that you can directly write in Hindi like English. However, there’s a plugin that can make your job easy. It’s the wphindi plugin.

WPHindi Plugin 

Zozuk has designed the plugin to easily write your own while following any serious or funny Indian blogs. You have to install and activate the plugin to write in Hindi.

  • Create a new post on your WordPress site
  • Click the AddWPHindi, and it will generate a block in the Gutenberg editor
  • Start typing in Hindi
  • Complete your blog and publish

Google Input Tools

However, if you want to keep your site light and avoid any additional plugins, go for the Google Input Tool. This is just like any on-screen language keyboard that uses English as input; however, the outputs can be of any language you want.

All you have to do is copy and paste the article on WordPress and hit the publish button after completing the requirements.

How to make money blogging for beginners in India

Making money while blogging in Hindi is almost similar to any blogging. Publish quality content on your site and apply for Google AdSense or other ad platforms to get paid on each click, view, or read.

Get an idea about what people want to read before starting a blog or niche site.

As the audience pool is enormous in Hindi, you will always have a better opportunity to make money in Hindi blogging. Moreover, a significant portion of the Indian population, especially youth, is getting access to the internet. So, if you can tailor suitable content for them, earning from blogging is convenient.

Is Hindi blogging profitable

Hindi blogging is still a new thing for many. An enthusiastic blogger named Alok Kumar first started the trend, and now it has become a lifestyle for many.

The Hindi blogging industry gained enormous popularity and audience in this decade-long journey. Thus, generating revenue from high-quality content is easier.

If you want to make a profit from Hindi blogging, there is ample opportunity in front of you. All you need is Hindi blog SEO, suitable domain and hosting, quality content, and a dedicated team. The rest will be your success story.

Final thoughts

The scope of Hindi blogging is endless and will enhance day by day. If you want to make a career in this sector, this is perhaps the right time to select a niche and start working on it.

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