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How to find less competition blog niches?

less competition blog niches
Posted by Sonnet Gomes

If you are about to start a personal blog, you must be thinking about the first blog post title right now while focusing on less competition blog niches.

Well, wait a minute.

You already know how to start a blog for free on free blog sites or any blogging medium. But do you know which topics will make you a successful blogger? Of course, the less competitive blog niches.

I know it may sound counterproductive, but sometimes it’s not worth writing on blog ideas that you are comfortable with. Yes, those ideas can be super existing for you, but you may not get the desired audience and outcome from them.

Unless your sole objective is to share your ideas and views, you can ignore the niche selection. However, if you want the outcome of your blog writing effort in the form of organic traffic or monetization, selecting a relevant niche close to your interest is essential.

What is a blog, and how to create a blog?

Blog writing is more like keeping a journal. Well, you may find it overly generalized, and it’s true. If it is your personal blog, the personal journalistic approach is ok.

But what about if the blog ideas are more extensive than personal opinions? Now selecting a niche will be a vital factor.

Blogging is all about telling stories. Do you agree?

You will find thousands of web resources on how to create a blog for free. So, I won’t venture in that direction. However, I have learned one lesson from my mentors and personal experience. 

Ane the lesson is if you want to create your blog, the balance between your interest and niches that still have the potential to offer you monetary and personal satisfaction.

How to find the less competition blog niches?

There are several ways to find low competition blogging niche that is profitable too. However, I have found the following steps most effective and fruitful. Whether you are tech-savvy or health-conscious, these steps will help you find the right topic for your first blog post title.

Figure out the trendy and evergreen niche

Before opening an account in any blogging medium, check the Google trend to find out what is the trend now and what topics are holding their space in people’s minds for years.

If you have questions in mind like ‘is lifestyle a niche,’ my answer will be to check the trend. And of course, lifestyle will always be a good niche for blogging or affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for quick but short success, go for the trendy topics. Nevertheless, for slow and steady growth, evergreen niches are always better. One thing that is highly required is patience when you plan to stick to the evergreen.

Find the ways of monetization of the less competition blog niches

I have recently found a trendy topic in google trend – “doxycycline ruined my life.”

If I write a blog on it, how do you think I would monetize from it? Well, I can’t connect with an affiliate program of the doxycycline manufacturers. But if it is published in a health and wellness blog, organic traffic and ads will surely bring me some bucks.

When you find less competition blog niches, check on the most common monetization channels. And like the doxycycline topic, not every monetization strategy will work for you. Thus your next step should be to pick the right monetization strategy that suits your blog ideas.

Lastly, you need to find suitable affiliate programs aligned with your interest and blog writing style. If you have a few blog niches with adequate monetization opportunities, let’s move to the next step.

How are your competitors doing?

Yes, your chosen topic can be one of the less competition blog niches, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any competition. Before you put in your resources and effort, it’s better to check how your competitors are doing.

When you choose keywords related to a low competition blogging niche, you need to check the search volume. Higher search volume means people are interested in the phrases, and your blog writing will bring a better outcome.

Make sure you check the locations too. The best blogging niche in India may not work for North America or Europe.

The same goes for time. The best niche for blogging in 2019 may not work that effectively in 2022 unless they are among the evergreen affiliate niches.

CPC or cost per click is another essential factor to check before thinking about any blog URLexamples. Higher CPC means the advertisers will put more investment on products related to those keywords. However, too high CPC can be challenging if you are in the phase of how to write a blog.

I prefer to first check the low competition and high volume keywords look at the CPC.

From where the traffic is coming from

Getting traffic is a great thing in blog writing. However, first to check the low competition where the traffic is coming from. Is it purely organic traffic from google search, or does social media have a chuck in the pie?

If the traffic is mainly from search engines, your next strategy should be to optimize the blogs for more traffic and steady growth. However, if you are getting a significant chuck from, social media it’s better to have your presence on those platforms.

Do you want to know what your audience is actually looking for? Check this article.

Promoting your blogs based on the less competition blog niches on the social media platform will enhance your position on the web and make how to start a blog and make money super easy.

A few niches will do better in organic search, whereas others can have a bright potential in social media and other channels. You need to organize and list the keywords and their primary traffic sources for better optimization.

Try your best to give the audience a better experience

Every day millions of new blogs are coming on the web. Then why will people spend time on your one? To resolve the issue, you have to ensure a better experience for your audience on your blog.

As I said before, blogging requires patience, and there are not many shortcuts to success. If you can leverage your best skill, the chances of success are much better. You have to figure out a Unique Selling Point (USP) to promote your blog.

What are less competition blog niches?

In my opinion, there is nothing called less competitive in the world now, let alone blog niche. However, a few topics are not that extensively nurtured like the others, and we feel satisfied to call them less competitive.

Low competition blogging niche is vital when you are looking for how to start a blog and make money. Because those topics are still not saturated, and you can have a bite of the pie.

When I tried to figure out the less competition blog niches, a few topics surfaced, and I have rounded them for you.

  • Gaming
  • Personal lifestyle ( if you have a unique one)
  • Renewable energy
  • Online courses
  • Health-related mirco topics
  • Personal development
  • Motivation
  • Local blogs

You may disagree with me on some niches; however, these are backed by numerous research and opinions in different forums.

What can be your first blog post title?

I still remember my first blog title. It was How to Write Engaging Content for Website. Firstly, content writing was my passion, and I enjoyed sharing my ideas with people. Secondly, I found the keyword “how to write engaging content” had a substantial search volume.

When planning for your first blog title, make sure there is a blend of the target keyword that ignites your interest and something that can add value to your audience’s life.

You can check my other titles to see how I have combined keywords and unique value proposition for my audience.

Personal blog vs Technical blog: Which one is best for you?

It depends on your preferences. I have seen people with more analytical background goes for technical niches, and those who are more on to critical thinking prefer personal blogs.

However, there are no black and white rules for this. If you love technical topics and enjoy explaining them to others, technical blogging will be a great success.

No matter which route you choose, keep the following points in mind as a blogger:

  • Blogging is like parenting a baby. You need to be ready for almost anything.
  • It takes time to see results in blogging.
  • There is no shortcut to success here.
  • You need to optimize the content constantly.
  • It takes years of hard work and failure before you see the first buck.

Final Words

Finding the less competition blog niches is not tricky if you are sure about your preference and interest. However, there are a few steps that you need to follow to polish up the entire process.

I am sure this article will be a helping resource for those who are looking for their first blog URL examples or first blog post title.

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