Friends TV Series: A monumental impact on sitcom history

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There haven’t been plenty of sitcoms that made their way into the popular culture with a grand following like Friends. Not only did the series become a fan favorite but also garnered massive attention from the critics. TV series Friends paved the way for many other critically acclaimed sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and One Day at a Time. 

The Plot of the TV series

The story of Friends centers around six adventurous adults and their activities of day-to-day life. Behind the subtle jokes and one-liners, there is a sense of wholesomeness and joy in Friends the TV series.

Over the course of ten years, the show proved that it’s more than just mere comedy. It was nice to see how the characters develop and become who they are in the end, achieving various life lessons along the way and gaining lifetime friendship and love.

Perhaps that’s the strongest point of the series— how it manages to blend the comedic tone and life lesson ever so fluently. The characters possess charm and eloquence that made them easily accessible to the general audience— to the point that oftentimes people started to relate with them.

TV series Friends Cast

In their quest of finding success and happiness, they got to find the most important thing that matters the most— friendship. The showmakers came up with a diverse set of characters, having no clue how big they will become after a certain time.

No matter who has the friends tv show copyright, but the six characters of this sitcom literally make the concept of friendship in tv screen their own copyright.

Monica a cook, Ross a paleontologist, Chandler a data processing expert, Joey a struggling actor, Rachel a waitress with a dream to work in the fashion industry, and finally, Phoebe a musician cum masseuse. It’s mindboggling how authentic their chemistry was considering how distinct the characters are.

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Uniqueness of the Show

The show’s originality and sharp writing kept the audience, as well as the critics glued to the screen every year it aired. Friends TV series was placed in Time Magazine’s “The 100 Best TV Shows of All-Time” list due to its extreme popularity and longevity. The cult status never faded away, rather the series proved that it can stand the test of time.

And even today, from the likes of Millennials and Generation Z, people from the past and present era still find charm in the characters and binge it whenever they can. However, besides its quality, there might be another underlying reason why people still remember the series with a happy face.

Unlike How I Met Your Mother, Friends got a satisfactory ending with fans witnessing a touching finale that focused more on the journey of the characters than just pure comedy. Some people might not know but back in the ’90s, it was a very famous TV show as soon as it started.


Impact of the Friends TV Series

The series was everywhere. The theme song of the series was everywhere.

The haircut that Rachel had in the series was everywhere. It was only likely that it would go on to become a pop culture phenomenon. What makes it ever so relevant today is how we can connect with the cast and how we see ourselves in them.

Sure, nostalgia is a crucial factor and people crave going back to a simpler time when there was no smartphone, social media, or apps, but that is not the only reason people still watch Friends. This is a sitcom that stood the test of time with its quality and charm and even teenagers from the current generation happen to like the show.

Friends TV series went on to win multiple awards including a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy in 2002.

“Friends” Cast: Where Are They Now?

It has almost been two decades since the final episode of the Friends TV series aired.

Given the magnitude of the series, it’s not surprising to assume people are eager to know what the casts are doing now. Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green became a household name— starring in multiple movies including Horrible Bosses, Murder Mystery, and Cake. She has also played a key role in The Morning Show drama series which is still ongoing.

David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, starred in American Crime Story and The People V.O.J Simpson. Courteney Cox, better known as Monica Geller to Friends fanatics, starred in Cougar Town, which ran its course from 2009 to 2015. She is soon set to star in Scream 5.

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe had a role in The Girl on the Train and starred in The Comeback and Web Therapy.

Joey Tribbiani in Friends who is known as Matt LeBlanc in real life earned a Golden Globe award for his role in Episodes— a Showtime comedy he played a key role in.

And finally, Matthew Perry, acclaimed for his highly popular role as Chandler, starred in multiple big-budget films until he went back to TV with The Good Wife.

Notable “Friends” Quotes

Over the course of 10 seasons, Friends cast has delivered some memorable dialogues that people remember to this date. Below are some of the funny and iconic quotes from the show—

 • “How you doin’?” — as far as Friends dialogues are concerned, this one from Joey must top the list. Joey, being a ladies’ man delivers this dialogue in a top-notch way when he sees a lady. For its comedic tone, people have remembered this for decades. 

 • “I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I am uncomfortable” — this is Chandler being Chandler. Probably the funniest character in the series.

• “Well, maybe I don’t need your money. Wait, wait, I said, maybe!” — in a very funny scene, Rachel delivers this dialogue when she left home and reaches out to her father. This also has significance in a way that it marked the beginning of Rachel being a truly independent woman. 

 • “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it” — Monica tells this to Rachel after Rachel runs away from home. The dialogue made to the list because of how relatable it is still. 

 • “I’m fine. Totally fine” — we can all agree that we are Ross at times. Fine, but not exactly fine. 

 • “Oh, I wish I could but I don’t want to” — Phoebe represents some of us here who are able to help but too reluctant to do so.

Have you ever thought why is there no door to the balcony in friends? Well, after putting the giant window on the balcony, there was no space for any door. And people simply loved the way how the cast made their way through the window.

TV Series like Friends

Many fans crave more shows like Friends after they are done watching. Here is a list of sitcoms that share a similar pattern to Friends—

How I Met Your Mother (most similar series to Friends considering its set-up, comedic tone, and character arc). The Big Bang Theory (a modern-day sitcom classic with a laughing track on the back that will give a nostalgic vibe). Seinfeld (hands down one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Stood the test of time, and despite being old, its charm never dried out)

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