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Does Blogging About My Personal Life Make Sense?

blogging about my personal life
Posted by Sonnet Gomes

Is it OK if I am blogging about my personal life?

Well, there are a few benefits of blogging about your personal life. While it can be uncomfortable for some people, it can be a great way to express yourself and get the catharsis that you need to keep your mind sharp. This is particularly true for topics like divorce, mental health, and relationships.

While some readers will appreciate hearing about the experiences of other people, others may not be as interested. Before you decide to blog about your personal life, consider whether it is right for you.

Blogging about my personal life: Things to remember

When you blog about your personal life, remember to avoid the temptation to talk about your personal life. You may find it easier to blog about your relationships or your day job if you talk about your day job or personal life.

Besides, you may also want to link your wedding registry if you’ve already married. But, it’s best to keep your personal and professional lives separate – for the safety of yourself and your readers!

Let’s not disclose too much

The most obvious reason to avoid blogging about your personal life is to avoid revealing too much information about yourself. This will not benefit your readers if you’re not willing to share your personal life with them.

Besides, the audience you’re targeting for your blog might not appreciate your content. If you have children, it’s best to keep the content in your blog to a minimum. Your kids might not like it when you post something about them on your blog.

Consider some of the low-completion niches before disclosing your personal life.

blogging about my personal life

Be honest about whatever you share

When blogging about your personal life, you can be as open and honest as you want. Don’t share embarrassing information about your relationship with your readers. You’ll be attracting the wrong crowd if you write about your love life or your day job.

Similarly, if you have a business, don’t write about your day job if you want to remain competitive. It’s best to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Let’s not get TOO personal

When blogging about your personal life, try to avoid personal information. Don’t post details about your past relationships or current day job. In addition, don’t talk about your hobbies, children, and spouse. It might be a good idea to post about your travels.

However, you must not post about your travels unless it’s indispensable. Instead, you can post the location of your holiday.

Readers comfort

Another essential consideration when blogging about your personal life is the privacy of your readers. Unless your readers are comfortable with this, you should avoid sharing too much information.

You can also include your kids in your blog, but they shouldn’t be aware of your identity. It’s also important to consider the privacy of your readers. For example, if you’re traveling overseas, don’t include your destination. While you don’t want people to know you’re on vacation, don’t reveal your exact location.

It’s better to know the reader’s search intention beforehand.

Find the right balance

You can’t tell your readers how much you love your family or value your work. It’s perfectly OK to post about your travels if your readers don’t know you’re doing it for the right reasons.

The main concern is whether your personal life is worth sharing or not. Some people don’t mind sharing their lives, but they’d instead read them about them.

Better not regret later while blogging about personal life

If you’re not comfortable sharing your personal life, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable. After all, you’re blogging about your personal life, so you’re probably writing about yourself.

Of course, you’ll need to research before writing anything, but it’s essential to keep things separate. Don’t talk about past relationships, your day job, or your wedding. Just keep them separate. If you’re serious about blogging, staying true to yourself is crucial.


Depending on your goals, you can blog about your personal life for the sake of it. Some people blog about their children to express themselves, while others share their experiences with others.

If you’re unsure about this, you can use a personal blogging tool to keep your blog anonymous. This will make it much more private. But if you want to make your personal life public, you can still use your blog for a purpose.

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