sonnet gomes
Sonnet Gomes

Hey, It’s Sonnet Gomes here, and I hope you are enjoying my site.

I am a passionate writer, scientific researcher, nature lover, and fitness enthusiast. I have started my career as a Geologist but found words can be equally rocking like the rocks and soils. So my journey as a writer started putting complex scientific facts into more comprehensible words.

I love to observe both nature and humans. It gives me an extra edge on analyzing how we really think and what we care about the most. When I started my endeavor as a professional writer, it helped me touch the core of people’s hearts in no time.

There is something common in everything.

Sonnet Gomes

During my undergraduate days, I realized no matter which field of study or business you are in, you will always find a tie that connects everything around you. It was the most effective motivation that makes me search for the connection.

Till today, I am trying to find that tie between different domains. It’s this urge that motivates me to see things from different perspectives.

Born and brought up in one of the most densely populated metropolia in the world, I positively and negatively impacted my thought process. I realized it’s the people who add diversity to our lives and feel stressed when it’s too quiet around me.

As an Auburn University alumni, I believe in the spirit of War Eagle, and giving up anything without trying is the last thing that comes across my mind.

My world revolves around my daughter Anastasia who is currently recovering from a traumatic brain injury. And making her walk, run, and laugh again is the only goal I have in my mind.

My blogs represent what I am thinking and what I want to do for the betterment of the people around me. I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a nice reading time!